You Wanted Healthy Mixers...So We Made Some


Ficks Premium Cocktail Mix pairs the wonderful taste of an all natural craft cocktail with a tailored blend of vitamins and electrolytes to let you flavor the night and savor the day. Each bottle of Ficks is made in small batches in Northern California, and infused with functional ingredients that, until the Ficks team arrived, were only found in your sports drink. Also low in both sugar and calories, Ficks is the premium mixer for those leading active lifestyles who don’t compromise on flavor or quality.

Our Flavors

Each flavor of Ficks premium cocktail mix has been crafted with all natural ingredients to deliver exactly what our team envisioned, low calorie and low sugar craft cocktails in a bottle. Each bottle of our Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary, Margarita, and Lemondrop mixers are packed with exceptional quality and taste, and is sure to be the hit of your next happy hour. Pour a margarita on the rocks to jaunt away on a summer vacation, if only in your mind, or fill your copper mug to get a fiery kick from our Moscow Mule. There’s a flavor of Ficks for any occasion.

Vitamins & Electrolytes

Here at Ficks, we believe in having a great time while maintaining a balance with an active lifestyle. That’s why we’re the first and only mixer to perfect a process of infusing a tailored, tasteless blend of B Vitamins and Electrolytes into each bottle to help you replace what your cocktail takes away. So enjoy that gimlet, without the guilt.

Mix it Up

Ficks Premium Cocktail Mix make it quick and easy to whip up the same perfect cocktail, every time. Just pair two parts Ficks with one part of your favorite spirit and you’re all set! Make sure to check out our blog for some original recipes from our expert mixologists.


Ficks is making cocktail mixers cool again, so are you ready to give Ficks a try? Pick up a bottle and some swag from our online store, or stop by one of our select retailers.

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