F U N C T I O N  +  F L A V O R

Ficks was created so cocktail enthusiasts could “Flavor the Night, Savor the Day”. Here at Ficks & Co, we’ve tirelessly sourced each ingredient, and meticulously crafted each bottle of our all-natural Premium Cocktail Mix so you can do just that. Ficks strikes a balance by providing great tasting cocktails, while reducing the amount of sugar and calories you’re drinking. By infusing each bottle with essential vitamins and electrolytes, Ficks is the first cocktail mixer to put back what you lose when you imbibe.


2  P A R T S  F I C K S  +  1 P A R T  L I Q U O R

Ficks makes it so you’re pouring an artisan cocktail every time. Just add your favorite spirit! No more getting stuck with the low quality spirits found in most ready-made mixers. You choose whichever spirit you like best to turn an amazing cocktail into the perfect cocktail.

A L L  N A T U R A L

Because That’s How it Should Be!

You’ll never find words like “potassium sorbate” or “sodium benzoate” in Ficks products. These are both chemical compound preservatives found all too often in low quality cocktail mixers. Ficks instead uses a delicate production method to ensure safety in preservation of shelf life.

B  –  C O M P L E X

Replenish What is Lost

Drinking alcohol causes the body to lose essential vitamins, like Vitamin B. By introducing Vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12, Ficks fortifies your cocktail with these essential nutrients so you have the extra amount you need.


Not Just for Sports Drinks

When you become dehydrated, electrolytes play key roles in keeping water balanced. Replenishing electrolytes helps to replenish your mineral losses, but electrolytes also help make the most of your water which is key to proper hydration. Ficks includes sodium, potassium and magnesium to help retain water to leave you refreshed.

L O W  I N  S U G A R

Get Low!

Ficks focuses on great taste without the tremendously awful sugar hit of a typical cocktail mix. We complement organic Paraguayan sugar with organic agave nectar for a sweet flavor at only 10g of sugar per serving.

L O W   C A L O R I E

Make Each Calorie Count

There’s only so many calories in a day, and we don’t want you to waste them on cocktails when you don’t have to. Ficks is only 35 calories per serving.


Wherever Possible

The Ficks team feels strongly that organic materials should be used whenever possible. Our sugar, agave nectar, lime juice and ginger juice are all organic…all the time.

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