S H I P P I N G  P O L I C Y


WHAT do you ship?
Ficks & Co. will ship all items purchased through the website address of www.ficksdrink.com


WHEN do you ship?
Items will generally ship same day but may be delayed up to three business days for unforeseen reasons.


WHERE do you ship to?
Ficks & Co. currently ships items to the domestic United States. Please contact us for orders shipped internationally.


HOW do you ship?
Ficks has a relationship with UPS and will ship with them whenever possible.


RATES to ship?
Rates are quoted as flat rates as determined by the scale of order.


How to track an order that’s been shipped?
Ficks & Co. will send an email notification to the customer containing a tracking number.


In store pick up option?
If located in the San Francisco / Bay Area of California, please contact us if you would like to pickup in wharehouse.


Recycling of packing materials?
Ficks uses recyclable materials wherever possible and packs only with brown kraft paper. Please recycle!



R E T U R N  P O L I C Y


WHAT can be returned?

No product of Ficks may be returned given their perishable nature. However, if an item has not yet shipped, the order may be cancelled by submitting a cancel request through the general Contact Us link on the website. Please include your order Number.