T H E  I D E A

While Ficks may be new, the founding team has been driving mixology and food science for years. As college roommates, our cofounders had challenging coursework and athletic commitments, but also a strong passion for mixology. They wanted to find a way to provide better balance at the bar, so that they and their friends could enjoy great tasting cocktails that didn’t interfere with their active lifestyles. From this idea, Ficks Premium Cocktail mixers were born to create a nutritious, functional cocktail mix with all natural ingredients.

A  F O R T I F I E R  I S  B O R N

With this idea, the Ficks team launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in 2013 to finance production of their first test product – Ficks Cocktail Fortifier. The Cocktail Fortifier had a successful crowdfunding raise and ultimately made the store shelves of Nordstrom, HomeGoods, and other major retailers around the United States and the United Kingdom.

T H E  E V O L U T I O N

After successfully testing the market with the Cocktail Fortifier, the Ficks team knew functional beverages had their place at the bar. It was time to go full mixer, so they began the development of Ficks Premium Cocktail Mix. Working in concert with natural food veterans at Venus Research and Development, and brand development veterans at Liquid Agency, Ficks Premium Cocktail Mix was released on May 1st, 2016.


R O N  A L V A R A D O

Ron graduated from Santa Clara University with degrees in Finance and Economics, along with an unofficial degree in mixing epic late-night cocktails with the founding team at their house on Washington Street. He serves as CEO of Ficks & Co and in his free time enjoys taking cycling trips around the Bay Area, cooking and exploring new restaurants in San Francisco. His favorite cocktail is the fiery Moscow Mule, not much of a shocker if you see how much hot sauce this guy puts on everything.

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Favorite Place to Travel: Gibson Island


M I K E  W I L L I A M S O N

Mike graduated from Santa Clara University and went into the financial sector as an equity trader at an investment bank. He then entered the beverage world through Ficks & Co where he serves as Chief Operating Officer. When Mike isn’t busy designing or taste testing Ficks products, he can be found cycling or climbing a mountain. His favorite cocktail is a greyhound but it is in tough contest with the Moscow Mule. Mike holds an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas school of business.

Favorite TV Show: Silicon Valley

 Favorite Place to Travel: San Juan Islands