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The simple blend of pure grapefruit juice, sparkling water, and alcohol made from fermented California oranges. Our grapefruit hard seltzer is bittersweet in the best way, enjoyed by lovers of real grapefruit flavor who keep it light.

5% alcohol by volume

INGREDIENTS: Sparkling Water, Cold Fermented Oranges, Grapefruit Juice (Not from Concentrate), Grapefruit Extract

$50 per case + Free Overnight Shipping

(includes 24 cans)

*Shipping only available within California

“The best thing I’ve ever drank in my life and it gave me super powers.”


What Makes Ficks Better?

Ficks is the only hard seltzer to use real fruit juice for flavoring, as opposed to just natural flavors used by others. This makes Ficks taste like grapefruit because, well, it is! We also use an alcohol base of fermented California oranges which provides a perfectly smooth, neutral alcohol base as opposed to other hard seltzers that are malt beverages.

And There’s No Added Sugar?

Exactly. At just 110 calories and 3 carbs, Ficks Grapefruit Hard Seltzer is a better-for-you drink option. The 3 carbs come from the natural sugar in the grapefruit juice and fermented oranges.

You’re in California Too?

We’re based in San Francisco and can each of our hard seltzers in small batches about an hour north in wine country. Ficks Hard Seltzer is California through and through from the ingredients we use, to the photos of our favorite spots you’ll see on the bottom of our 6-packs.

I Need to Sign for Delivery?

Yes! Given Ficks is a 5% ABV product, signature of somebody 21+ is required at time of delivery. For this reason we highly recommend office deliveries during the week as we cannot reimburse return shipments.

What’s the VIP Program?

VIP’s unlock $30/case pricing with a recurring monthly order of at least 1 case. There is no cost to join and we’ll text you a few days before each order ships so you can update shipping information or your flavor selection as needed. You can pause shipments at anytime. If you cancel before the second shipment, the difference in case price will be charged to your card on file ($20/case).