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Does Ficks help reduce alcohol toxicity?

No. Ficks does not in any way reduce alcohol toxicity in the body, despite the infusion of vitamins and electrolytes.


Should I refrigerate Ficks after opened?

Yes. Due to the its natural ingredients, Ficks needs to be refrigerated after opening. After opening, Ficks lasts up to 2 weeks if refrigerated.


What is the shelf life of Ficks prior to being opened?

Ficks Premium Cocktail Mix lasts twelve months when unopened and stored properly. Please always refer to the “Best By” date on the bottle.


How many calories are in each serving?

There are 35 calories in each 3 ounce serving.

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Ficks is happy to sell direct to any restaurant, bar, retail store, grocery store, or liquor store that is interested. For inquiries, please fill out the wholesale form link below:

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