Ficks Vodka Soda

So often we spend our days in a consistent rush where the utmost diligence is required to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle between work, home, family, gym, me-time, etc. With all these different aspects competing for our focus, how can we find the time to make a complicated adult beverage? And for that matter, how can we make that beverage meet the important attributes of all-natural, low sugar, low calories, etc., while also not just taking shots, grimacing in the misery of shotville?

It’s quite simple really; the Ficks Vodka Soda. It’s just your typical vodka soda but with a splash of lemon, lime or ginger Ficks to finally make that vodka soda actually palatable. Next time you’re at a bar, ask for a Ficks since it’s now starting to be stocked in bars around the West Coast. And if counting calories is your thing (especially when imbibing), know that a Columbia University study says the average 1 ounce vodka shot at 80 proof is just 64 calories. That makes this adult beverage just 81 calories, with a sweet taste. Enjoy.

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Makes One Cocktail

1 shot of 80 proof Vodka

1/2 shot of Lime Ficks

1/2 of a Lime

Soda Water


1) Fill a glass with ice and pour in the shot of vodka

2) Top with soda water and add 1/2 shot of Lime Ficks

3) Squeeze 1/4 of a lime into the cocktail and add the remaining lime as a garnish

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