The Blueberry Gin

As summer continues, a refreshing farmers market cocktail is always an amazing treat at the end of a busy day. Taking the time to make The Blueberry Gin would certainly fall into that category! The Blueberry Gin cocktail recipe contains fresh blueberries, which, according to Medical Daily, can help boost brain health, help heart strength, and provide essential Vitamin C. When combined with the all-natural ingredients of Ficks, this is one great summer beverage!

Starting with some market fresh berries, citrus and peppermint;

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and three shots of blueberries (about 25);


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full recipe below;


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Makes One Cocktail



3 shots of blueberries (about 25 blueberries)

2 shots of Tanqueray Gin

1 1/2 shots freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/2 shot Lemon Ficks

3 shots ginger ale

1-2 mint sprigs & blueberries for garnish



1) Place blueberries, Tanqueray gin, and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker and strongly muddle. Add ice and shake briefly.

2) Strain the gin mixture into a cocktail glass and add Lemon Ficks and ginger ale, stirring while adding.

3) Fill with ice and garnish with mint springs and blueberries.

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